Improving your personal skills and temperament

For every woman and girl, no matter you are a model or you are working in other industry – women temperament is a very important thing which not only improves your personal attraction and makes your life better.

Lesson list

  1. Posing
  2. Styling
  3. Body shaping&keeping
  4. Performance
  5. Fashion show(Défilé)
  6. Shooting tests
  7. Model working-experiences
  8. Video shooting skills



The competition in modern society is so intense that makes every parent want their kids could win in the start from their childhood. With our experiences, confidence is the most important thing for kids when they are growing up – confidence makes our kids braver to try anything and do not afraid to fail.

We teach our dear babies how to improve their temperaments and help them get attraction in the right way to increase their confidence. With psychology construction, kids will understand what is right aesthetic, what is the real beauty. And the confidences were built now will help them to be successful by their entire life!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, of course! Our agency is part of our company INFINITI ENTERTAINMENT LLC which legally registered in Russia and registered all business activities which related to entertainments and necessary training&educations for entertainment activities.

This is a hard question – as all we know, not everyone can be a professional model, but if you have good conditions with your high and parameters, we can try to help you start your career. 

5-14 years old – in this stage, children establishing the correct aesthetic concept, and at the same moment their bodies are growing, its the best time to correcting their body posture, also the best time to improve their temperament, confidence, and performance. In this stage, children establish a correct aesthetic concept. Appropriately join activities which show kids’ abilities will make kids braver and more confident.

15-26 years old is good for adults to get the professional model training because after 15 years old image and body growing is almost in a stable period, this stage is very important to get professional experiences and right guide. It’s also very important to get training to improve your personal temperament for your future career – not only in the fashion industry but also in other professions.

If you want to be a professional model – Sorry, but yes, it’s already too late to start. But if you want to change something like improving your temperament, make yourself more attractive or more beautiful, it’s never late!

The answer to this question for someone who dreams to be a model will be interested and important. Models’ contracts are very different – for those who just start working in the fashion industry and who already very famous. Generally speaking, a fashion show in China will be paid for a model 220-370$, sometimes even more for famous models. A shooting for catalog will be paid 75-200$ per hour currently, and the famous still model can be paid for shooting work over 2000$ per day.